Dwayne Van Harberden, P.Eng.

Vice President & General Manager

Dwayne is responsible for providing overall leadership to ensure that all departments are moving in the same direction. A key part of his role is facilitating and coordinating communication between the design team, builders and consultants.

A major part of the distinguishing benefits of iSPAN’s product system is the relationship between our in-house designers and our on-site support team. From drawings and production through to installation and final sign off, Dwayne works with his team provide all the support required to achieve a successful project and satisfied customer.

As an engineer, Dwayne’s first passion is problem solving – an excellent fit with iSPAN’s innovative approach to building solutions. Dwayne finds great satisfaction from providing simple and effective solutions to our customers’ problems.

Prior to joining iSPAN, Dwayne was an Engineering Manager at a precast concrete producer serving the agricultural and commercial markets. The exposure to the competing needs of sales, production and installation gave him a good foundation for his current role.


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