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A complete cold-formed steel building structure.


TotalFraming offers a complete cold-formed steel framed structure. The solution allows you to create a higher quality structure that is more marketable, delivered in a shorter timeframe.

TotalFraming is designed to make it easy for contractors to assemble on or off site with your existing labour force and no special trades required. The components are all cut to size and assembled using bolts instead of welds.

We understand that transitioning to a new building solution comes with challenges so we help make the transition easy. We work closely with installers, providing a detailed scope of work and training support so they know exactly what to do.

The TotalFraming System

By bringing together Composite TotalJoist with our load-bearing, pre-panelized walls, we provide a single source structural solution.

Key Benefits


Reduced schedule

Reduce your on site construction schedule by using pre-engineered components that require less labour on site with no special trades required.


Resolve conflicts ahead of time

By modelling your project using BIM Design, we can find and help resolve conflicts prior to construction.


Single source supplier

One supplier for all structural components means less coordination and a smoother project.


Ease and speed for follow-up trades

Pre-cut service holes make it easy to pre-plan for follow-up trades (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and they can start working in the enclosed structure the day after concrete is poured.


Cleaner, safer job site

Non-combustible materials requiring a smaller footprint on site, our systems make your job site safer.


Pricing, Design & Engineering Support

Our design team works closely with your consultants during the early stages of your project to provide a complete price so that you can have more certainty around the total cost of the building superstructure.

In-house manufactured pre-panelized walls

Manufactured in our quality-controlled shop environment. Designed and built to provide an integrated solution for expedited installation.


Concrete shear wall forms integrated with our system to allow for single trade erection of total structure.


Proprietary cantilevered design balconies tie into the structure of the building for maximum durability.

Easy Installation

Comes with all the parts, connectors and fasteners for the framing to make installation quick and easy


A Complete Cold-Formed Steel Building Structure

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