Losani Storage Mezzanine

MezzanineStoney Creek, Ontario

Smooth installation to create additional space

When the customer was looking for a cost-effective way to add a mezzanine to increase their usable square footage in an existing storage warehouse, they choose to go with our TotalJoist system.

We were able to support the increased loading with standard joist spacing and our lightest gauge joists. All joists were hung off beams using our joist hangers, meaning all beams were contained within the joists plenum, avoiding bulkheads and maximizing space efficiency.

The install went very smoothly, with only one trade required to install. No need for welders, heavy machinery, etc. The installer shared that they found the system to be very user-friendly to work with. Everything that was needed to complete the job was supplied directly by iSPAN (not including tools ), was clearly labelled, and bundled for maximum efficiency on site. Drawings were clear and corresponded directly with the various parts that were sent to site.


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