You Need a Construction Partner Now More Than Ever

Suppliers that only provide products – and leave you to figure out the rest – are not what the construction industry needs now. Companies need guidance and cooperation more than ever before.

Our customers tell us that working with iSPAN is different. Our proprietary cold-formed-steel product line is the most apparent difference, with benefits for building owners, engineers, contractors and construction crews.

But our highly innovative steel joists, walls and flooring systems are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of choosing iSPAN. Our team of project managers, detailers, engineers and technical support representatives work directly with our customers to provide support that’s second to none.


Once a connection is made with iSPAN, our team gets to work. Whether you have a sketch or detailed drawings, we devote time to the new project to determine the iSPAN products that work best for goals of the project, and then create a free quote.

Even “napkin sketches” are welcome. By connecting with us early in the design process, we’re able to take on many design challenges, saving architects’ valuable time.


Right from the start, when the project is still in the conceptual stage, our dedicated in-house engineering and design teams put their skills to work to find the right construction solution, whether the project is a custom home or complete mid-rise building.

It’s our team of experts, using their construction experience and technical knowledge, who work directly with architects, engineers and contractors to create practical, site-friendly designs.

Along with working directly with customers’ teams, iSPAN also coordinates with Building Departments, and can provide permit drawings upon request.


Our team of detailers creates construction drawings and shop details. They coordinate window and door openings as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) so that trades on site will be able to work efficiently. By working through these exact details earlier in the construction process, iSPAN customers find that many other aspects of the project, such as procurement of windows, and determining supplies needed for MEP installation, projects are executed more smoothly.

iSPAN’s TotalJoist and Composite TotalJoist systems allow MEPs to run through strategically aligned holes. This takes some additional planning upfront, but results in easier installation and significant space efficiencies.

Also in the pre-construction phase, iSPAN ensures a comprehensive and easy-to-understand erection plan is created using information from the BIM models, ensuring a high level of accuracy. This means less time spent figuring things out and more time focused on installation.


Material is ordered and the necessary components are produced in iSPAN’s own extensive facilities in Ontario, Canada. Joists, decking and wall panels are fabricated to meet the project timelines.

More than just a supplier - iSPAN Systems


Our completely customized project management services can include supply-only services, project coordination and even site supervision, ensuring that your construction crew is fully aware of the processes required to install our suite of products.

Detailed construction schedules are drawn up in consultation with the erector.


Once the Engineering sign-off occurs, the final turnover will take place to close out the project. We continue to support our clients past the final turnover and pride ourselves in our open feedback process to help continuously improve our products and processes.

More Than A Product

iSPAN is continually focused on helping our customers deliver successful projects by providing exceptional products, combined with a range of customized value-added services.

If you are looking for a partner that can provide the right people, products and processes for your job, no matter the challenge, look no further than iSPAN.

Discuss your project with our Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus. Dwayne works directly with architects and developers to help them understand how iSPAN’s systems could work for their projects, and analyze engineers’ plans and budgets to help increase value. Contact Dwayne at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


Call or email us if you have questions or would like to discuss a Canadian project.


For projects in the United States, reach out to one of our Authorized Dealers.