Why Should Engineers Use Cold-Formed Steel in Mid-Rise Construction?

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As someone who has dedicated their life to improving systems and the infrastructure we live and work in every day, you as an engineer could greatly benefit from the many new ways cold-formed steel is being used to construct the buildings of tomorrow. 

Whether an innovative urban hotel, 10-storey condominium or efficiently constructed apartment complex, iSPAN System’s cold-formed steel system, TotalJoist, make the job of engineers better than you ever thought possible.

Cold-Formed Steel Can Take Buildings Further with Higher Storeys and Longer Spans

Only a few years ago, light-gauge steel could only be used up to three storeys. Today, iSPAN’s tallest building is 12 storeys, but the sky’s the limit – we have even seen plans for a 40-storey tower that uses cold-formed steel!

To make interior spaces wider and more open to accommodate new design trends, TotalJoists can have joist depths from 8” to 18” and span up to 31′ 8″ in typical residential loading (40psf live load), which can create large common areas like restaurants, board rooms and lobbies with fewer columns.

Hiding Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Communication Infrastructure

Large bulkheads packed with mechanical, electrical and plumbing always complicate an engineer’s mid-rise project design. Fortunately, iSPAN’s steel joists remedy this frustration. 

Each TotalJoist has a series of large, pre-punched service holes allowing trades to run services easily and out of the way, resulting in fewer bulkheads and cleaner, more appealing designs. iSPAN’s designers and engineers work alongside your project engineers and M&E contractors to ensure that the coordination of these service holes is in the best possible locations.

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iSPAN’s Design Team Brings an Engineer’s Vision to Life

We are an active partner during the design phase of your project and work with architects and engineers to ensure your vision is translated into the building. Also, every project that we take on includes engineered drawings, no matter how big or small, is reviewed by our engineering team.

Before we start the manufacturing, the drawings are sent out to the consultants of your choice for a final review. We only begin production once we’ve received the official sign-off on the drawings.

Engineers Are Leading the Way in CFS Mid-Rise Design and Construction

Choosing light-gauge, cold-formed steel as your key structural material is changing the industry. Speak with iSPAN’s project representatives about this simple change can provide centuries of value to ensure happy tenants for years to come. 

View some of iSPAN’s mid-rise construction success stories and reach out to our team to learn more right now.


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