Why Should Developers Use Steel in Their Hotels?

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Keeping hundreds of energetic families, business travellers and vacationing couples all happy in a single building can be challenging for hoteliers. The world’s best hotel brands invest in a wide range of solutions to maintain harmony. Many have discovered there’s one valuable capital upgrade that greatly assists in keeping guests happy. 

By using cold-formed steel as a key structural element in your hotel, you will receive fewer complaints and provide a modern design that will last decades. You will also reduce the time to occupancy with a reduced construction schedule, and even help to lower your long-term heating/cooling expenses.

In the past, it was often architects and engineers who suggested new ideas to make hotels bigger, safer, quieter and more relaxing for guests. More recently, it is the developers themselves who propose newer concepts to address guest complaints before they even happen. 

Imagine addressing the core operational concerns of a hotel before it even welcomes its first guest – what an idea that would be!

Choosing Building Materials that Help to Control Vibrations and Noise

You will likely be able to guess the type of flooring material a hotel is built out of depending on the noise that travels in the building. If the flooring structure is built of iSPAN Systems’ Composite TotalJoist, you will experience a quiet difference. Built with cold-formed steel joists, TotalDeck and a three-inch layer of concrete, each floor has unmatchable vibration control and high acoustic ratings. This proprietary composite solution has 60% higher acoustic ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete.

Modern Hotel Designs Are Possible With Cold-Formed Steel

Composite TotalJoists can have widths up to 18” inches and span up to 31′ 8″ @ 24″ o.c., which can create large common areas like restaurants, board rooms and lobbies with fewer columns.

Awkward bulkheads contain mechanical, electrical and plumbing and always seem to cut into a beautiful hotel room design, but not nearly as much with iSPAN’s steel joists. Each has a series of large, pre-punched service holes allowing trades to run services easily and out of the way, resulting in fewer bulkheads and cleaner, more appealing designs. iSPAN’s designers work alongside M&E contractors to ensure that the coordination of these service holes are in the best possible locations.

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Faster Construction With Prefabricated Components Means Hoteliers Get a Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Whether you need an alternative to traditional wood floor joists or a complete flooring and wall panel solution, cold-formed-steel components are precisely measured and fabricated in advance of installation day to make your building rise faster than you ever thought possible.

When installing Composite TotalJoist, you benefit from pre-cambered joists and stay-in-place formwork which eliminate the need for temporary shoring during concrete topping pours. Not only is installation simplified, you receive guaranteed window and door opening sizes, eliminating many potential coordination issues between suppliers.

Hotels With Higher Fire Ratings

Steel provides far superior fire ratings than lumber. Each of iSPAN’s cold-formed-steel products are non-combustible, while i…. Composite TotalJoist flooring system assemblies are fire rated and have UL/ULC listings.

iSPAN’s fire protection has the potential to greatly reduce damage and down-time in the event of a fire. It may also help to reduce builders’ risk insurance costs for your construction and even after your hotel becomes operational.

Lighter Structures Cut Foundation Costs

Cold-formed-steel systems are 50% less weight than precast concrete, which can reduce the size of your building’s foundation, reducing cost and installation time. This lighter system also has superior structural integrity in most building environments.

Hotels With Sustainability and Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Using a steel structure helps to reduce your construction site’s waste and by using less concrete reduces your project’s carbon footprint. Generations from now, when the building must be replaced with another, 100% of the steel can be recycled, which reduces your project’s impact on the environment.

Hoteliers Are Taking the Lead on Hotel Design and Construction

Choosing cold-formed steel as your key structural material is a game changer. Speak with iSPAN’s project representatives about this simple change can provide decades of value to ensure the positive health and happiness of thousands of hotel guests to come. 

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