Why Should Architects Use Cold-Formed Steel when Designing Hotels?

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We hear from many architects that they love what they do, but they just wish there was a structural solution that helped them to get the results they need without the headaches of traditional structural systems. 

If you’re an architect just beginning to understand the true powers of cold-formed steel, don’t worry about the learning process or the stress involved in “converting” from one material to the other. It doesn’t take long to fully understand why so many of your colleagues are now using – a structural solution that’s more beneficial for architects and designers than anything else. 

iSPAN’s CFS Design Team Works With You

Unlike many building materials, when you choose iSPAN to design with cold-formed steel your client not only receives a high-quality product, but you can access assistance from some of North America’s top cold-formed steel designers. We work directly with you and your team to plan and design what your client is envisioning. 

iSPAN assists with the engineering and design of your building. We work alongside your team to obtain permit drawings from your local building department. In most cases this includes providing iSPAN stamped drawings for our TotalFraming system.

iSPAN also assists in pre-construction services, such as window and door opening coordination, MEP coordination, material ordering and erection planning.

Lastly, iSPAN helps to manage the project, which is customized to suit your needs. We may be able to help with installation and site supervision or we can supply our products for others to install. 

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Better for the environment than structural steel

For developers looking to reduce waste and create buildings that require less maintenance over the long run, cold-formed steel is certainly the most viable option. It requires less steel than traditional structural steel buildings, is built with recyclable components (unlike lumber) and is durable to last generations!

Connections to Other Building Components

For fire protection reasons hotels must have certain components built out of concrete. These include foundations, stairwells and elevator shafts. Fortunately, cold-formed steel easily connects to concrete, and so can save space, cut expenses and expedite construction time. 

iSPAN has years of experience using cold-formed steel to connect with non-steel components, with dozens of hotel projects in our experience

Large, Open Rooms Benefit From Cold-Formed Steel Joists

Cold-formed steel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and can stretch large rooms like boardrooms and hotel dining areas, without the high cost and material supports required for structural steel. 

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Cold-Formed Steel Sounds Good

Architects and engineers often battle with having to improve ratings for Sound Transmission Class (STC), which tells how well a building reduces airborne sound. Using cold-formed steel structural systems greatly increases the effectiveness of soundproofing materials. For example, iSPAN’s Composite TotalJoist flooring system has 60% higher ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete with reduced sound flanking.

Solutions That Reduce Floor Vibrations

iSPAN’s Composite TotalJoist floor system is designed using vibration controlled span tables to ensure that your floor feels strong and has minimal vibrations. Vibrations are major concerns for your clients, hotel developers. Our solution is possible by using our lightweight steel, which weighs 50% less than precast.

The Cold-Formed Steel Hotel of the Future

Whether you’re interested in steel floor joists, floor decking solutions and/or complete prefabricated walls, there’s never been a better time for architects to consider cold-formed steel for your next hotel project. iSPAN Systems works with you throughout the design process and ships across North America.

Learn more about iSPAN’s cost-effective solutions for hotel architects, read a few of our hotel case studies, and reach out to our sales team today.


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