Visit iSPAN Systems at World of Concrete | February 4-7

The Benefits of Combining ICF Construction with Cold-Formed SteelConnect with iSPAN Systems at Booth N672

iSPAN Systems will exhibit at World of Concrete 2020, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 3-7. Education sessions begin on February 3, and the exhibits begin February 4. World of Concrete is the largest annual event for the commercial construction industry. Over the course of four days, an estimated 60,000 construction industry professionals will attend to learn about the latest developments in equipment, tools, and services. Representatives from iSPAN will be present to teach attendees about our proprietary cold-formed steel framing systems.

About iSPAN Systems

iSPAN Systems manufactures and supplies cold-formed steel framing systems that have revolutionized the construction process for mid-rise condominiums and apartments, hotels, and retirement communities. We offer an unrivalled full-service approach, handling everything from engineering and manufacturing to installation support. We work with clients at every step to ensure each project’s ultimate success.

There are several benefits to working with us and incorporating cold-formed steel framing into your project. We always work closely with other suppliers to ensure our systems integrate seamlessly with other components (e.g. plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc.). Our team has a deep knowledge of the construction industry, which enables us to exceed expectations and continuously innovate. And, our process benefits the environment. We purchase our steel from suppliers that use recycled content, and our products are designed to stand the test of time.

What to Expect

When you visit iSPAN at World of Concrete, expect detailed presentations, examples, and case studies about our systems.

Our primary focus for this event is Composite TotalJoist, our superior concrete flooring system. Composite TotalJoist combines our TotalJoist and Total-Lewis-Deck to create a flooring system that is stable, feels solid, and supports all building materials, including block and ICF. TotalJoist is our patented steel floor joist. Total-Lewis-Deck is a dovetail-shaped deck with embossed ribs. It forms a very strong, permanent bond with the concrete poured onto it, and it acts as reinforcement for the slab. This premium flooring system has high acoustic and fire ratings, is easy to install, and is available in multiple depths (from 8 to 18 inches).

Though Composite TotalJoist will be centerstage at World of Concrete, we’ll be more than happy to share information about our other products – TotalFraming, and TotalJoist. We’ll also answer every question you have, and we’ll help you understand how cold-formed steel framing can enhance your project. Our systems can cut down on total construction time, reduce project costs, and produce a more durable structure. Our representatives will show you how to take advantage of these incredible benefits.

Where to Find Us

Visit us at Booth N672 February 4-7 at World of Concrete. To find out more information about iSPAN Systems and building with cold-formed steel, visit ispansystems.com. To learn more about World of Concrete and to register to attend, visit worldofconcrete.com.


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