TotalFraming Has Superiority that Lasts

TotalFraming Has Superiority that Lasts - iSPAN Systems

How general contractors can share the benefits of iSPAN Systems with developers

General contractors just like you have been sold on iSPAN’s innovative TotalFraming system since the product’s inception. Often after using it only once, there’s no going back to laborious lumber or cumbersome concrete. The streamlined process, lightweight product and smaller crews make practically everything easier.

TotalFraming is a complete cold-formed steel framed structure that includes load-bearing, pre-panelized walls, joists and flooring. The proprietary iSPAN solution is also chosen by general contractors for its ability to make their job easier, yet the true benefits of TotalFraming only begin to reveal themselves to general contractors, which is why so many speak with their colleagues about the benefits they too will receive with the product.

As you most certainly know, the minds of a general contractor and developer must be aligned for a project to go smoothly. “GCs” who manage the building’s construction – sourcing materials, assembling the crew, and raising the building – must understand the wants and needs of the developer. Using superior building partners greatly eases this burden.

TotalFraming takes the complications of being a general contractor, and with iSPAN onboard, the framing process is transformed into a single-sourced construction solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits for developers.

The biggest factor in the mind of a developer is often cost. Fortunately, there are many ways that TotalFraming cuts costs, saving developers money. Savings come in many forms:

  • With the lightweight and easy installation of the cold-formed-steel components, smaller work crews are required for installation.
    General labourers can do the installation work, costs are further reduced.
  • Concrete is poured on permanent steel decking, so no costly shoring is required.
  • TotalFraming excels at shortening the construction timeline. Faster installation from your first floor to the 12 floor (the highest cold-formed steel has been used) results in significant savings, and allows you to receive your return on investment sooner.

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Cost reduction is one thing, but beauty is a close second. TotalFraming gives architects flexibility in building design, allowing a mid-rise building to have rooms with longer spans and fewer ugly bulkheads or drop ceilings with the use of mechanical, electrical and plumbing being able to run directly through the joists. A functional, remarkable building for tenants helps to increase happiness and productivity.

From a health and safety perspective, TotalFraming excels. It incorporates a flooring system that results in high acoustic ratings – 60% higher ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete with reduced sound flanking. This same superior flooring has vibration control to mitigate sound disruptions. Also, the entire flooring and wall panel system has high fire ratings, since each piece is fabricated with non-combustible materials – iSPAN’s systems have a safe two-hour UL/ULC rating with only one layer of drywall.

Over the long term, developers will value the durability of steel as the structure of their mid-rise building. It will not warp or rot, and resists pests like insects and small rodents. You already know this, but we’ll say it again – steel is strong.

So general contractors of the world, just as there are benefits for you, there is a fantastic array of reasons for developers to be excited about using iSPAN’s TotalFraming structural solution on your mid-rise construction project. There are just as many benefits as for you, the general contractor!

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Yet there are still many others who benefit from TotalFraming. Architects appreciate the design assist services of iSPAN, the flexibility in design, and load-bearing capabilities. Perhaps most importantly, the building tenants also see iSPAN’s TotalFraming as a win, although they may not even know it. They will work, sleep and play more soundly with iSPAN’s high acoustic ratings (60% higher ratings than precast and 34% higher ratings than wood), and proprietary vibration control in the floor.

Learn more about how general contractors can “sell” their developers on the benefits of iSPAN Systems’ TotalFraming structural solution. Contact Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 226-920-5320.


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