Total Appreciation for TotalFraming

Total Appreciation for TotalFraming - iSPAN Systems

How architects can share the benefits of iSPAN Systems with general contractors

Ask any architect who has relied on iSPAN’s TotalFraming system and you will find at least one commonality – the streamlined process makes practically everything easier.

TotalFraming is a complete cold-formed steel framed structure that includes load-bearing, pre-panelized walls, joists and decking. The proprietary iSPAN solution is also chosen by architects for its ‘green building’ benefits and allowance for open interior spaces.

The true benefits of TotalFraming only begin to reveal themselves to architects, which is why so many speak with their colleagues about the benefits they too will receive with the product.

As you most certainly know, the relationship between an architect and general contractor must be cordial for a project to go smoothly. “GCs” who manage the building’s construction – sourcing materials, assembling the crew, and raising the building – must have a close bond with the architect. Using superior building partners greatly eases this burden.

TotalFraming simplifies the process of being a general contractor – the entire framing process is transformed into a single-sourced construction solution.

Total Appreciation for TotalFraming

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits for general contractors.

Perhaps the most challenging part of being a general contractor is dealing with the never-ending barrage of issues. No matter the plan, issues always seem to creep up that ruin every good laid plan. Fortunately with TotalFraming, iSPAN’s designers use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to mitigate issues before construction even begins.

The speed at which crews can install TotalFraming shortens construction schedules, with wall panels installed in as little as 20 minutes after the delivery of materials. The Composite TotalJoist system uses prefabricated joists, ensuring that each piece is laid in record time – no cutting required.

The flooring system can also be installed faster, and after inspection, is poured with concrete or gypcrete with no shoring required. This allows a faster start on the next floor, while follow-up trades can begin their work on the lower floor as soon as the concrete or gypcrete is poured. That’s fast!

The crew managed by a general contractor will also have an easier job, reducing jobsite stress and lost time. The TotalFraming components are lightweight and easier to assemble, which reduces crew numbers and cost. iSPAN provides numbered drawings that remove complexity. That means that GCs don’t need to hire specialized crews, and even the most complex mid-rise construction site may only require one additional crew leader with previous experience in the iSPAN system.

Total Appreciation for TotalFraming

Even when using less-experienced crews, mistakes are rarely seen since each component is customized for the project – the exact wall panels, joists and flooring accessories are prefabricated to help your general contractor every step of the way. Prefabrication reduces other general contractor worries, such as jobsite waste, as well as time spent cutting lumber, and fixing measurement mistakes.

This prefabrication also allows the cold-formed-steel system to be installed in the middle of winter – there’s no concrete in the walls, so no curing is required. With no wood in the building, we have also seen some general contractors saving money in construction insurance – the chances of a fire are drastically reduced.

So architects of the world, just as there are benefits for you, there is a fantastic array of reasons for general contractors to choose iSPAN on your mid-rise construction project. There are just as many benefits as for you, the architect!

Yet there are still many others who benefit from TotalFraming. Building owners will see an increase in fire ratings (since the structure is mostly metal), and likely a reduction in moisture, pests and rotting. Even the building tenants see iSPAN’s TotalFraming as a win! They will work, sleep and play more soundly with high acoustic ratings (60% higher ratings than precast and 34% higher ratings than wood), and proprietary vibration control in the floor.

Learn more about how architects can “sell” their general contractors on the benefits of iSPAN Systems’ TotalFraming structural solution. Contact Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 226-920-5320.


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