Top 6 Reasons Why Architects Choose Cold-Formed Steel

Architects and their colleagues are tasked with the privilege and responsibility to be on the leading-edge of effective and efficient building design. Fortunately, this task is much easier when architects rely on iSPAN Systems’ proprietary cold-formed steel solutions in their mid-rise construction projects.

iSPAN is North America’s leading partner in cold-formed steel framing systems, working alongside architects, developers and general contractors to ensure smooth construction process, before, during and after construction.

Leading-edge architects have told us about why they choose iSPAN, and we compiled their answers into the following list.

1. Design Possibilities

Pre-cut holes in joists allow utilities to remain concealed instead of weaved through unsightly bulkheads. Longer joists can create beautiful, open interior spaces, while intricate structural design, such as curved walls and unique angles, can also be created

2. Details are handled before construction begins

iSPAN’s design process takes the guesswork out of managing materials. Each detail, from exact window measurements to firestopping requirements, are decided upon early on. This also makes the job of the general contractor easier.

3. Height and layout efficiencies

Working on a mid-rise building with nearly identical floors is where cold-formed-steel systems thrive. iSPAN has built mid-rise residential buildings up to 12 storeys tall!

4. Component integration

Whether you have chosen iSPAN’s TotalJoist floor joist or the Composite TotalJoist flooring system, integrating the joists with other structural elements made of brick, pour-in concrete, ICF, precast concrete, structural steel or wood, is easily accomplished. All of iSPAN’s materials, from joists to wall panels, are accurate to the millimetre, fabricated using CNC data and drawings generated using BIM models.

5. Single-source supplier

Having one contact for multiple aspects of the project results in a streamlined design process, and a reduction in intermediary delays.

6. Environmentally friendly

Architects value the highly recyclable nature of cold-formed steel, while general contractors appreciate waste reduction on the construction site.

Thank you to our architects for sharing these insights into using cold-formed steel. If you are an architect, and interested in learning more about iSPAN’s suite of proprietary solutions, please continue reading our website or contact iSPAN Systems’ Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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