Top 12 Reasons Why General Contractors Choose Cold-Formed Steel

As the business ultimately responsible for a smooth construction process, a general contractor is tasked with huge responsibilities. By incorporating iSPAN’s structural solutions into mid-rise construction projects, it makes the task of being a “GC” a little less daunting.

iSPAN Systems is North America’s leading partner in cold-formed steel framing systems, working alongside architects, building owners and general contractors to ensure a painless process, before, during and after construction.

We hear from general contractors (who rely on our proprietary joists, walls and decking solutions) why they choose iSPAN, and we’ve compiled their answers into the following valuable reasons.

1. Fewer construction site issues

Cold-formed steel framing is prefabricated, and each element is meticulously crafted through 3D BIM modelling. This ensures that most discrepancies are found and corrected prior to the start of construction by iSPAN’s design team. They work with architects to rectify the issues before general contractors even know about them.

2. Details are handled before construction begins

iSPAN’s design process takes the guesswork out of being a general contractor. Each detail, from exact window measurements to firestopping requirements, are decided upon early on. Materials can then be procured earlier as well.

3. Height and layout efficiencies

Working on a mid-rise building with nearly identical floors is where cold-formed-steel systems thrive. General contractors appreciate how the components are similar on each floor, with crew comfort building as each floor is added.

4. Wall panels are load bearing

iSPAN’s prefabricated cold-formed-steel wall panels are load bearing, allowing joists to seamlessly connect to these interior and exterior elements as one complete system.

5. Component integration

When you choose iSPAN’s TotalFraming system, integrating the joists with the cold-formed-steel panels is easily accomplished. Each piece is accurate to the millimetre, fabricated using CNC data and drawings generated using BIM models.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing can be installed faster and easier with conveniently aligned holes in joists, which further reduce the time spent creating unsightly bulkheads.

6. No experience required

A framer once told us that if your crew can read, count and use a tape measure then they can use iSPAN’s cold-formed-steel systems. No special trades are required to install, and as few as two people with minimal construction experience can complete joist installation.

7. Comprehensive installation support

Prior to construction, you will receive a customized installation plan, numbered to correspond with each component of the project. Additionally, the iSPAN team is available for support up until completion of the entire project.

8. Joists are fully adjustable

To allow for minor discrepancies on the jobsite that often come when tying in cold-formed steel to other materials, each end of a TotalJoist comes with a steel shoe that can be adjusted.

9. No shoring required

The Composite TotalJoist system uses a strong combination of joists, decking and cement. For this reason, general contractors do not require complex, costly and time consuming shoring.

10. Less complexity on site

Once a delivery of iSPAN materials arrives on the jobsite, a wall can be in place in as little as 20 minutes. General contractors require smaller space to stockpile materials and process waste.

11. Speed

Using iSPAN’s proprietary prefabricated joists and wall panels allow a floor and wall system to be completed in a much shorter timeframe than other methods – up to 50% faster. Additional time is saved since no shoring is required, allowing follow-up trades to also complete their work more quickly.

12. Additional cost savings

Many general contractors see other savings, not associated with the installation process itself. There are often fewer ancillary support expenses such as disposal and sanitation, and lower builder insurance rates.

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Thank you to our general contractors for sharing these benefits. If you are a general contractor, and interested in learning more about iSPAN’s suite of structural solutions, please continue reading our website or contact iSPAN Systems’ Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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