The Need for Speed: From Hotel Approval to Occupancy Faster Than Ever

The Need for Speed: Take Care of the Structure; You Take Care of the Rest - iSPAN Systems
AC Hotel by Marriott, Dublin, Ohio

Hotels built using iSPAN’s proprietary framing systems has benefits for everyone

It wasn’t too long ago that hotel guests were happy with clean sheets, air conditioning and a television that actually worked. Times have certainly changed.

Today’s discerning hotel guests rightfully demand the very best while they’re travelling. Fortunately, iSPAN Systems’ proprietary line of cold-formed steel framing systems is here to make everything about a hotel better – for guests, owners, managers and even architects.

Perhaps most importantly for hoteliers, iSPAN’s systems shorten the time between shovel in the ground and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. For speed alone, iSPAN reigns supreme, but there are many other benefits as well: using cold-formed steel reduces noise and cuts costs, improving a hotelier’s bottom line as well as every guest’s hotel experience.

Major hospitality brands are noticing the difference, and choosing iSPAN, including Marriott Hotels, Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Holiday Inn. Each have come to rely on iSPAN’s three faster, cheaper and better structural systems: TotalJoist, Composite TotalJoist and TotalFraming.

Redefining Hotel Floor Joists

TotalJoist is iSPAN’s patented steel floor joist made of cold-formed steel, offering a robust, simplified framing solution compared to traditional wood or steel joists. The proprietary design allows TotalJoist to be installed similar to wood I-joists, except with superior strength and the structural integrity of steel.

Installation is easier than the alternatives, allowing builders to use their existing labour force and no special trades. Each component is planned in advance and manufactured to the exact size you need – assembled using bolts.

By running electrical, mechanical and plumbing components in the pre-cut access holes, your hotel won’t have unsightly and costly bulkheads, resulting in a more modern and spacious feeling interior.

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Better Access and Better Results

Hotel guest check-ins start sooner with Composite TotalJoist, a combination of TotalJoist with Total-Lewis-Deck, a dovetail shaped deck with embossed ribs. The deck is installed on top of TotalJoist, with concrete poured over top, creating a very strong, permanent bond – in record time.

Composite TotalJoist works in conjunction with all support materials, including block, ICF, cold-formed steel, wood and structural steel. Our joists eliminate the need for shoring during concrete topping pour, and pre-engineered components can be installed quickly and easily without the need for specialized trades.

And remember how we mentioned hotel guests sleeping better? Hotel acoustics with Composite TotalJoist has 60% higher ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete with reduced sound flanking.

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This is our complete cold-formed steel framed structure solution, including our superior joists, decking and load-bearing wall panels. TotalPanels are manufactured in our quality-controlled shop environment, designed and built to provide an integrated solution for expedited delivery and installation.

Together, iSPAN’s TotalFraming is the best structure with countless benefits:

  • Non-combustible components;
  • Lightweight (50% lighter than concrete), to minimize load and crew sizes;
  • Cleaner, safer job site;
  • Cost effective;
  • Long-term durability;
  • Comes with all the parts, connectors and fasteners;
  • Faster installation speed;
  • No combustible materials;
  • Superior acoustic ratings, resulting in happier guests from day one
  • And much more!
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Total Success in This True Installation Story

Working with a new installation crew that had never used our TotalFraming system, we were able to get the inexperienced drywall crew comfortable within days for the TownPlace Suites by Marriott hotel in Kanata.

We provided detailed direction and made multiple site visits to ensure that installation was going according to our drawings and specs. By the second floor, the crew was achieving a nine-day turnaround per floor! Follow-up trades were able to start working as soon as the concrete was poured to expedite the project’s schedule.

The hotelier was thrilled with not only the short timeline, but the quality of the build to ensure happier guests for many years to come.

Hoteliers demand a hotel built to perfection, and in record time. Yet whether you’re a developer, architect, engineer or hotelier in waiting, there are many benefits to choosing iSPAN’s proprietary cold-formed steel framing products. iSPAN is certainly the most accommodating option for hotel construction.


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