Structural Systems: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

iSPAN - Article - Why Can't We All Just Get Along

iSPAN System’s light-gauge steel structural solutions seamlessly integrate with wood framing, ICF, structural steel and concrete structures.

Below-grade concrete is a necessity for any mid-rise construction project, but there are a multitude of ways to finish off the above-grade structure. You can choose from wood framing, structural steel, light-gauge steel or concrete, or you can combine your favourites to better meet the needs of your building’s objectives.

There are a few options that are more popular than others. Wood framing can provide short-term cost savings. Structural steel can provide increased strength for taller structures. And concrete can be cast in place, tilted up or precast to give durability. Although light-gauge steel framing is a newer entry into the world of construction, developers, architects, general contractors and even tenants appreciate its many benefits. Perhaps one of the most important attributes of iSPAN’s joist systems is that they can be easily integrated with any of the other building material. They can get along!

Whether you choose iSPAN’s TotalJoist floor joist or the vibration-control flooring system Composite TotalJoist, there are very good reasons to choose iSPAN for integration into your structure.

iSPAN Fully Supports Material Harmony

Some building materials simply do not play well with others, but light-gauge steel is an exception to this rule. iSPAN’s joist and flooring systems are specifically designed to integrate with load-bearing walls made of wood framing, concrete and structural steel.

iSPAN’s TotalJoist is the perfect material for crews that may still rely on wood framing, but would like a few added benefits. Made out of lightweight steel, TotalJoist replaces the frustrations and unpredictability of wood joists, while retaining the familiarity in shape and style. It is installed similar to a standard wood I-joist, and is designed to flawlessly integrate into wood rim boards using adjustable end connectors and screws. Plus, since its dimensions are very similar to wood joists, TotalJoist can be integrated into a design created for wood framing much later in the process.

There are many other benefits for combining your wood project with light-gauge steel. TotalJoist can be lifted by two people, is precisely manufactured to the size you need, and adds long-term structural integrity. TotalJoist is even a cost-effective option for integration with steel beams, using adjustable joist hangers.

iSPAN’s Composite TotalJoist flooring system uses specially designed joists, dovetailed steel sheeting and concrete to create a strong, easy-to-install and high-fire-rated option. This system replaces the time and energy spent using shoring that’s required for standard cast-in-place concrete. Plus TotalJoist can work efficiently with all support conditions including wood framing, steel framing, masonry, cast-in-place, tilt up and ICF construction.

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Taking the Next Step in Material Integration

iSPAN’s joist and flooring systems were designed to integrate with all other construction materials, and can work in conjunction with them to provide a whole new world of benefits that make projects completed faster, stronger and better than ever before.

All of that being said, developers, architects and general contractors often choose to build their complete mid-rise project using iSPAN’s third light-gauge-steel solution: TotalFraming. This is the system that covers it all – walls, joists and floors. The resulting structure is extremely strong, is delivered in a shorter time frame, allows many design efficiencies, and simplifies job sites for general contractors. Whether you opt for integration or go with light-gauge steel on its own, you will always choose wisely when you choose iSPAN.

Discuss your project with iSPAN’s Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus and how iSPAN can be integrated into your current and future plans. Dwayne works directly with architects and developers to help them realize the benefits of iSPAN to increase your project’s value. Please contact Dwayne at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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