Smart Buildings for Smart Cities: Building Our Future with Light-Gauge Steel

Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Building Our Future with Light-Gauge Steel

iSPAN Systems is leading the way in creating innovative steel framing systems essential to making mid-rise projects rise faster, safer, more affordably and stronger than ever before.

To meet the needs of forward-thinking societies, the buildings of tomorrow must have higher quality and flexible designs, built with smaller crews and shorter construction timelines. How will this be possible?

Construction processes and materials must evolve and embrace light-gauge steel. iSPAN’s innovative products and support services are exactly what’s needed to improve construction processes and create the cities of tomorrow.

Architects are able to save time and do things they could never do before. iSPAN’s light-gauge steel allows architects to streamline their designs through a single source, create large room spans and also reduce bulkheads since mechanical, electrical and plumbing runs through joist access holes. With detailed planning well before construction begins, and by using prefabricated materials, iSPAN anticipates construction challenges and allows architects to innovate with confidence..

As we enter the most technologically advanced time in our history, general contractors are changing their preferred materials and processes to meet the world’s growing needs – the onsite construction of our buildings also need to evolve. By using light-gauge steel, general contractors can benefit. Each component is precisely designed using Building Information Modelling and manufactured to the exact sizes needed onsite. That results in less mess onsite and a shortened installation schedule. The lightweight materials also allow general contractors to do more with less, often resulting insignificantly fewer workers needed for installation. iSPAN’s TotalFraming, which is a complete structural solution, even includes load-bearing wall panels, making for easy integration on its own or with other materials like concrete, wood and structural steel.

Developers and owners are also seeing the difference of light-gauge steel, and how it’s bringing new-age thinking to the industry. Light-gauge steel’s fast installation lowers immediate costs. Its durability, and improved ratings for fire, acoustics and vibration make the occupancy of the buildings much easier and lowers long-term costs. Plus, many owners see a drop in their insurance rates.

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Light-Gauge-Steel Construction is the Future of Smart Building Construction

iSPAN’s light-gauge steel is leading the way in every step of the construction process. As the need for smart cities grows, so does the footprint that iSPAN leaves behind across North America with its innovative processes and products. We’re at the forefront of construction innovation, and understand that if we want smarter buildings, we need to think smarter too, with every step.

Discuss your project with iSPAN’s Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus and how iSPAN can be integrated into your smart building plans. Dwayne works directly with leading-edge architects and developers to help them realize the benefits of iSPAN. Contact Dwayne at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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