Moving Forward: Construction in a Post-COVID-19 World

Why prefabricated, cold-formed steel structures are the best choice for the future of job sites.

To keep employees safe from the spread of disease and reduce non-essential operational costs, progressive businesses like Twitter, Shopify and Facebook have recently announced plans for its workforce to work remotely whenever possible.

The construction industry too must adapt to increase crew safety in this new reality. Fortunately, there already exists a structural solution with health and safety built into its core.

Cold-formed steel framing has benefits for every person working at every stage of your project, but when it comes to reducing disease spread risk, the innovative product’s benefits at the jobsite far exceed any other building product.

Cold-Formed Steel Reduces Outbreak Risks

To reduce the risk of an outbreak, infected workers (who we now need to assume could be asymptomatic) have a lower chance of spreading their disease to others around them if the construction material is cold-formed steel framing. How exactly? Unlike wood and onsite concrete construction, steel fabrication is fully completed off-site. That means that only a small number of essential people are required at the jobsite to install.

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Lightweight steel framing also rarely requires multiple workers to be within six feet of each other. Two installers can often lift a joist on their own, one at each end. Wall panels too only require a couple of installers to connect it to the structure.

Cold-Formed Steel Framing is Efficient

Installation does not require specialized trades, nor a complex crew of carpenters, bricklayers, cement finishers and other professional trades. This simplicity reduces cross-contamination across multiple organizations or groups of people.

Cold-formed steel is also fast to erect. A wall panel can be installed in as little as 20 minutes after delivery to a construction site, and crews will be onsite on average 35% less than if the material was wood or concrete block. Less time onsite reduces infection risk.

Cold-Formed Steel Framing Removes Worksite Dangers

Everything is easier with cold-formed steel – there is no need for large material storage areas, or potentially dangerous production areas. iSPAN works with general contractors to deliver steel only as it’s needed, and is kept in a relatively small laydown area, also eliminating the frequent movement of materials and crews around the property.

Since every component of a cold-formed steel framing system arrives onsite prefabricated, there is far less waste and equipment that can turn a jobsite into a confusing web of risks.

Choose Health & Safety Leaders

iSPAN’s proprietary cold-formed-steel framing systems are manufactured off-site at a health- and safety-conscious production facility in Princeton, Ontario. To provide industry-leading benefits for your crews, and to learn more about many other reasons for choosing iSPAN, contact Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 226-920-5320.


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