Light Gauge Steel:The Future of Mid-Rise Construction

iSPAN - Article - Light Gauge Steel - The Future of Mid-Rise Construction

Our construction materials and methods are evolving as our urban centres continue to rapidly transform. What does the future need to grow wiser?

Embracing new construction methods and materials is essential to helping evolve the construction industry. Although there’s no denying that the construction industry has been a little behind in welcoming new ideas, when a concept comes around that expedites processes, saves money and results in a better end product, people take notice.

There are many ways to innovate your foundations, roofs, utilities and windows/doors, but the future of construction will rely on upgrading the structural bones of your building with light-gauge steel. Here are five reasons why light-gauge steel (also known as cold-formed steel) is becoming the new standard building material for mid-rise construction.

1. Light-Gauge Steel Takes Buildings Further

Only a few years ago, light-gauge steel could only be used up to three storeys. Today, the maximum is around 12 storeys, but the sky’s the limit – there are even plans for a 40-storey tower!

Height limitations are not the only thing that light-gauge steel is breaking through. Rooms can be wider without columns, allowing spacious eating areas in retirement homes, larger pools in hotels and sprawling lobbies in condominium buildings.

iSPAN’s light-gauge steel framing system called TotalFraming can do it all in less time and be installed with your existing labour force – no specialized crews required.

2. Light-Gauge Steel is the Answer to Urbanization

We haven’t quite experienced the innovation leaps forward that the Jetson’s promised us (which takes place in 2062), but those in charge of designing and construction are beginning to understand the need to evolve. It needs to happen, to keep up with the demand for buildings that hold more, reach higher, do more and are completed faster than what was constructed yesterday.

As our cities expand and properties become more valuable, we must rethink how we treat our land, and better understand the need to do much more with less.

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3. The Next Generation of Constructors Are Thinking Smarter

Take a look at the young people entering the construction industry and you will see the face of a changing industry. They are not focused on maintaining the status quo. Anything but.

They want to simplify complex processes. They want lighter structural frames that reduce foundation requirements. They want their buildings to be crafted more accurately. They want safety to be paramount. And somehow they want to do it for less money.

Fortunately, some suppliers understand, and businesses like iSPAN Systems are here to provide innovative light-gauge steel solutions that help to do exactly what is needed: simplify construction, reduce requirements, provide a safe work environment every day, use recycled materials and save money.

4. You’re Never Alone with Light-Gauge Steel

Some material suppliers are just that: suppliers who deliver a product and wish you the best of luck. Others, like iSPAN Systems, are partners.

When you choose light-gauge steel, you are working with professional designers and engineers who understand your needs and building requirements. They will work with you at every step of the planning, design and construction process to help you understand the product and how exciting light-gauge steel is for the future of buildings, whether it’s one storey or 10.

Tomorrow’s Buildings Require Cold-Formed Steel

Light-gauge steel is the future of mid-rise construction, whether it’s institutional, residential, health or commercial. If you are an owner, contractor, tenant or architect, discuss your project with iSPAN’s Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus and learn how iSPAN can be integrated into your smart building plans.

We understand that transitioning to a new building solution comes with challenges, so we help to make the transition easy. We work closely with you, provide detailed scope of work and training support along the way.

Dwayne works directly with leading-edge architects and developers to help them realize the benefits of iSPAN. Contact Dwayne directly at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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