Light-Gauge Steel Provides Versatility in Extreme Events

Light-Gauge Steel Provides Versatility in Extreme Events - iSPAN Article

Mid-rise structures need to resist anything nature can throw at it, without flinching. There is only one framing option that offers it all.

Looking at recent climate patterns, it seems increasingly likely that Mother Nature is fighting against society’s desire to create, expand and thrive. We have two options: stop growing or grow smarter.

iSPAN Systems has an answer to this growing climactic dilemma. It’s called TotalFraming, a complete light-gauge-steel structure of wall panels and joists that not only cuts construction timelines, but is also designed to withstand extreme natural pressures.

Earth – Light-Gauge Steel Battles Earthquakes

iSPAN’s high-tensile steel framing can withstand significant vibrations from earthquakes by taking lateral loads from seismic activities.

In 2014, engineering researchers in Alaska found that cold-formed-steel buildings suffered little to no damage during seismic tests, which means they could provide great safety during real-world seismic events. This is of major importance in places like California, where experts predict a major earthquake could happen any day.

Wind – TotalFraming Can Withstand High Winds

TotalFraming uses the strength of steel to resist the intense forces of high winds. In regions where high winds frequently turn wooden homes and businesses into disaster zones, light-gauge steel (also known as cold-formed steel) can save a building and its contents from damage, but also from significant insurance premium costs. Ask your insurance provider about reduced rates for contractors as well as owners.

Water – Light-Gauge Steel Can Stop Water Penetration

Whether your building is battling a few unseen leaks or a flood of epic proportions, TotalFraming can reduce the amount of rot in your building, inhibit the growth of deadly mold and resist corrosion with its zinc-coated exterior.

In the case of a disastrous flood, interior elements such as drywall and insulation may need to be replaced, but the structure itself will often be sound enough to reuse in place.

Fire – iSPAN’s TotalFraming Inhibits Fires During Construction

The hazards of a construction site are quite different than those of a completed building, resulting in far greater risk of fire, especially when the site is built of easily combustible materials like wood. Fortunately, light-gauge steel is noncombustible to its core. Steel will not contribute to the spread of a fire, and if a fire does take hold, the structure will stand longer for firemen to more safely and easily access and battle the blaze.

iSPAN’s flooring system called Composite TotalJoist contributes to a two-hour UL/ULC rating with only one layer of drywall.

Cold-Formed Steel Resists Construction Delays Due to Nature

Light-gauge steel can even be installed in the coldest winter months. Your crew may not appreciate it as much as contractors and developers do, but in the end, seasonal weather fluctuations also do not affect this superior steel solution.

If you are interested in learning more about iSPAN’s cold-formed steel solutions and how they resist nature’s wrath, please speak with iSPAN’s Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus: dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 1-855-804-7726.


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