Join our Webinar to Learn the Many Benefits of Cold-Formed-Steel Framing

iSPAN Systems is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive webinar to educate developers, contractors, engineers and architects on the value of our cold-formed steel framing systems.

The webinar entitled Smart Buildings for Smart Cities: Lightweight Steel Framing For Mid-Rise Construction will look at the technical features and benefits of its award-winning steel systems.

Webinar highlights include:

Lightweight Steel Framing (iSPAN TotalFraming Explained)
Features and Benefits of Composite TotalJoist
Design/Engineering with iSPAN Systems
iSPAN Installation Procedures Overview
Showcase of mid-rise construction projects

Webinar attendees will also have an opportunity to ask questions to our Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus via a live chat, and access extensive installation, fire stopping and environmental-protection material.

Construction industry leaders need to better understand how the world is being transformed with lightweight steel – the future of the mid-rise construction industry depends on it!

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