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It's Possible with Cold Formed Steel - iSPAN Systems
Whether you’re building a commercial or residential mid-rise building, iSPAN’s proprietary cold-formed steel framing systems take construction efficiency to whole new levels with faster, better and more cost-effective solutions.

Some people can spend a lifetime chasing dreams that are “Faster, Cheaper and Better”. Often (and still the case for many products and services today) you could only choose two of the three. Fortunately, mid-rise construction can now be all three.

iSPAN Systems manufactures and supplies cold-formed steel framing systems that are revolutionizing the construction of mid-rise condominiums, apartments, hotels and retirement residences. With our full range of proprietary products, every stage of construction has benefits that result in a project that’s faster, more cost-effective, and better than ever before.

It’s Faster

Time is money. By working out construction details prior to shovels going in the ground, buildings built of cold-formed steel can be up faster than wood or concrete. Our cold-formed steel products also come with all of the accessories needed, such as bolts, and do not require time-consuming welding.

Not only is iSPAN’s complete suite of products lightweight for trades to install (50% lighter than concrete), but follow-up trades often appreciate TotalJoist’s pre-punched access service holes to work more efficiently at ensuring mechanical, electrical and plumbing are completed on-time.

It’s More Cost Effective

Choosing TotalFraming means one point of contact for your entire structure construction – often a significant cost-saving option on its own.

With a smooth construction process, cold-formed steel is more affordable than cast-in-place construction, due to fewer trades required on the jobsite for installation, as well as follow-up trades’ easy access using pre-punched access holes.

Upon completion, the building’s owners will likely save money on insurance since the structure is inflammable. The savings can be as high as 37%!

It’s Better

We work with architects to make larger, more flexible spaces that only cold-formed steel can succeed in creating. Picture open spans with no pillars required.

Since trades can use pre-cut holes strategically located in custom-made TotalJoists to run pipes, electrical lines and ductwork, architects have more options and creative freedom to design the best building possible for future occupants.

With each structural component designed, formed and cut to the required size in advance, and not made onsite, construction sites are better organized and cleaner.

Upon completion of construction, building owners will find comfort in knowing that cold-formed steel does not settle, cause drywall cracks or warp over time.

Building occupants will enjoy the quieter experience, with cold-formed steel’s improved STC ratings. Also, since cold-formed steel is incombustible, fire ratings are also higher than with other options, such as wood.

Lastly, cold-formed steel is also better for the environment. iSPAN purchases steel from suppliers that produce steel using recycled content, and our steel joists are reusable, reclaimable and recyclable.

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Cold-Formed Steel In Action

To read more about the benefits of iSPAN’s products in mid-rise buildings, read case studies featuring just some of our happy customers.

In one recent example highlighting a benefit of cold-formed steel, the Holiday Inn in Summerside, Alberta needed a six-storey hotel built with a restaurant and two-storey conference centre. iSPAN worked with the architect to design the structure, which included unique architectural elements, then trained a local crew to construct the building in the winter months – low temperatures weren’t going to stop cold-formed steel! Once the concrete was poured for the floors, the space was heated right away to allow for follow-up trades to start their work.

Your Cold-Formed Steel Leader: iSPAN

We engineer and manufacture all of our own patented building components in our facility in Princeton, Ontario. But it doesn’t end there. Through our full-service approach – from engineering to manufacturing to supporting installation – we are there with you every step of the way to ensure a successful project.

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