How to Frame with Metal Studs for Commercial and Multi-Residential Projects

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Whether you’re framing a 10-storey condominium or chic hotel, the materials you choose for its construction will literally make or break it.

Cold-rolled metal studs are the heroes of the 21st century’s construction industry. No longer do engineers have to assume that imperfect and rudimentary wood will be used to build contemporary, stunning urban buildings. Nor do contractors have to deal with the onsite headaches, logistical complexities and hazards associated with onsite lumber structure construction.

Today, metal studs, crafted from cold-formed steel, can be found in commercial buildings ranging from hotels to retail stores, and multi-residential buildings from apartments to condominiums.

Why Are Steel Studs so Popular with Mid-Rise Construction?

There are countless reasons why someone would choose to build with metal studs over other building material, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Steel stud framing has the highest strength/weight ratio.
  • Metal studs can be used for non-load-bearing walls as well as load-bearing walls.
  • Steel simplifies the complexities of a construction site.
  • Steel guarantees quality – it does not warp or crack.
  • Steel framing is easy to install and weighs ⅓ the weight of wood.
  • Studs made of steel are produced in facilities not affected by weather.
  • Steel studs are 6x more durable than wood.
  • Steel is fire resistant.
  • Framing build of steel is rodent and pest resistant.
  • Steel resists moisture.

How to Frame with Metal Studs for Commercial and Multi-Residential Projects - iSPAN Systems 01

You’re Sold on Steel Stud Framing. Now, Where to Begin?

Contractors who have never used steel framing before may be reluctant to pursue using the material, even though the benefits far outweigh wood. Fortunately, iSPAN Systems offers a full-service approach and works alongside engineers, contractors and developers to make the entire process seamless.

iSPAN works with you at every stage of your project:

1. Sales: A Personalized Approach to Project Pricing

iSPAN’s project specialists work with you to not only provide a fair quote, but also understand your project and how metal stud framing can save you time, money and energy.

2. Pre-Construction: Customized Metal Stud Framing Engineering and Coordination

We work directly with engineers and architects from design to permit drawings to full construction coordination drawings.

To fully integrate our metal stud solutions, iSPAN’s design and engineering team will also coordinate with your other suppliers, including foundation installers and MEPMEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) contractors. Precise service holes are stamped in the metal to ease stages after installation.

iSPAN also assists in coordinating with building departments and provides permit drawings as needed.

3. Manufacturing: Producing Metal Components

iSPAN purchases steel from suppliers that use recycled material, and crafts each metal stud in our facility. Using CNC data each metal component is fabricated with precision, then assembled for shipping and installation.

4. On-site Construction: Installation and Coordination

When construction is ready, we can mobilize our team to install metal stud frames, joists and flooring solutions, or we can consult with your crew through the process with onsite supervision, detailed plans and installation videos.

iSPAN continues to support your project after engineering sign-off occurs, and seeks to be a long-term partner for your future success.


As you can see, iSPAN is not only your source for customized metal stud framing, but we work with you from the very early stages through to on-site project completion. To learn more about how iSPAN works with you to make metal stud framing a reality, contact Dwayne Schaus, Director of Sales, at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or 226-920-5320.


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