Harness the Full Power of Concrete and Steel

TotalJoist used in ICF home construction.

Homeowners wishing to reduce their environmental impact and live in a home with durability, flexibility and simplicity trust two essential products: ICF and cold-formed steel.

Decades of studies show that ICF construction is the way of the future. The foam and airtight concrete barrier combination greatly lowers energy costs and creates a home that resists a wide range of disasters, from wildfires to hurricanes to earthquakes.

ICF also simplifies the construction process since it includes everything a homeowner needs in their walls: concrete, reinforcement, insulation and vapour barrier. This often means that an ICF home can be built faster with fewer crew members. 

Some Important ‘Inside’ Information

The exterior of an ICF home is practically perfect, but many interior applications often incorporate cheap lumber. A wood flooring system is imperfect in many ways; it is combustible, can warp and twist over time, can deliver poor acoustic ratings, and relies on onsite production.

Why spend the time, energy and attention on ICF when your home interior is susceptible to the same errors you wish to avoid?

TotalJoist used in ICF home construction.

ICF was Built for Cold-Formed Steel Joists

Those who seek to take advantage of the full power of ICF should also trust the value of home construction perfection, from the inside out. 

That means:

  • using joists that simplify construction like ICF;
  • are durable like ICF;
  • allow flexible designs like ICF; and
  • integrate seamlessly like ICF.

Homeowners need cold-formed steel joists: TotalJoist by iSPAN Systems.

Simple and Fast ICF Wall Integration 

Each TotalJoist uses special end-connectors (ICFVL with a steel ledger track) that allow for simple connections to an ICF wall. The end connectors also allow for minor onsite variations. TotalJoists are pre-cut to their specific location on the project and are delivered to the site when needed, eliminating on-site storage.

Strong, Durable and Non-Combustible

Since each joist is 100% steel, a home’s interior can be stronger than lumber, with far less risk of floor vibration. TotalJoist also has fire ratings superior to wood, providing one-hour fire resistance (UL) with only a single layer of 5/8″ Type C gypsum. In some construction methods, the TotalJoists can achieve a two-hour fire rating.  

Flexibility in Design

Cold-formed steel joists by iSPAN Systems allow for longer spans and open areas, creating more spacious rooms. Each floor joist has large pre-punched service holes to allow for HVAC, plumbing and electrical services, optimizing the space in the floor system. 

iSPAN Systems uses the latest BIM software to design and engineer efficiencies while ensuring the most efficient drawing procurement methods.

Composite TotalJoist used in ICF home construction.

Optimize ICF Home Construction with Cold-Formed Steel Joists and Concrete Topping

For the optimum floor solution, fully compatible with ICF, trust iSPAN’s Composite TotalJoist system, which uses a top chord bearing joist with a unique dove-tail shaped deck, and a concrete topping. This concrete topping is typically 3” or 4” to allow for in-floor heating. The Composite TotalJoist system delivers higher acoustic and fire ratings than traditional flooring systems. (A floor system using Composite TotalJoist can also be up to 50% lighter than other concrete floor systems.)

Use the Benefits of Both Concrete and Steel in Your ICF Home

Whether you are a contractor, homeowner or architect, you will appreciate that ICF walls with steel joists will provide more than you ever imagined: durability, simplicity, functionality and energy efficiency. 
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