Firestopping an Essential Component of Mid-Rise Building Safety

Mid Rise Firestopping

Princeton, Ontario (April 9, 2020) – Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of new building construction. To follow regulations, protect buildings and ensure occupant safety, builders must implement strict firestopping around pipe, conduit or cable penetrations in the floor-ceiling assemblies.

iSPAN Systems is the manufacturer and supplier of proprietary cold-formed-steel framing systems, revolutionizing the construction of mid-rise condominiums and apartments, hotels, and retirement residences. Along with firestopping partners like Hilti, 3M and Nuco, iSPAN helps to make building with CFS easier by organizing a range of compatible firestopping solutions that maintain the integrity of fire separations with its Composite TotalJoist concrete flooring system. In addition to a wide range of compatible firestopping solutions, the floor system is non-combustible with a two-hour fire rating (UL, ULC listed), greatly improving fire safety of their buildings.

Firestopping Techniques for Composite TotalJoist

There are common firestopping techniques that can be used to protect penetrations in the Composite TotalJoist flooring system, facilitating continuity of horizontal and vertical fire separations, while maintaining constructability and workflow.

iSPAN works with its clients to suggest firestopping for all types of conduit, ducts and piping (e.g. ABS, PVC, copper, cables and steel), and informs them of best practices for penetrating the fire separation with items such as lights, ducts and outlet boxes.

Firestopping Process

Although firestopping is installed after the floor system, electrical and plumbing systems, the firestopping plan is best developed much earlier in the process.

“We work with our clients on firestopping from the very first design meeting to after installation,” says Douglas Fox, Engineering Manager for iSPAN Systems. “Firestopping is a crucial component at every stop along the way, and we have a guide that outlines everything a contractor needs to know to achieve full compliance.”

To maintain the integrity of the fire separation when penetrating the flooring with components such as ducts, lights, pipes, conduits and cables, iSPAN suggests using a wide variety of proven firestopping materials, such as intumescent sealant, tube insulation, firestop collars, pipe coverings, steel traps, packing material and wrap strips.

iSPAN recommends contractors only use certified firestop solutions. A complete list of solutions can be found in the UL online directory.

Along with firestopping, other fire protection best practices should be considered to achieve the fire protection mandated by building codes. Prior to ceiling installation, fire-rated gypsum boards are installed in areas where non-fire-rated walls intersect with fire-rated floor-ceiling assemblies. Regulations also require head-of-wall firestop systems at fire separations.

iSPAN’s proprietary Composite TotalJoist flooring system, when used in conjunction with proper fire mitigation techniques, is the ultimate flooring system for mid-rise construction.

For more information on iSPAN and how its flooring system works with firestopping, contact iSPAN System at 1-855-804-7726 or info@ispansystems.com.



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