A Rock-Solid Flooring System Using Concrete & Steel

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Combining the compressive strength of concrete with the tensile strength of steel gives builders a flooring solution that benefits everyone involved in the construction process.

On their own, concrete and steel are superior when it comes to delivering high-quality results for a wide range of structural applications. Combining them in the creation of structural flooring applications results in benefits far beyond either of them could provide on their own.

iSPAN Systems, a leading steel innovator, has revolutionized the construction industry with its proprietary Composite TotalJoist flooring system. This solution uses structural steel and concrete in multi-residential buildings across North America to create a far superior building product that has long-lasting value for everyone involved: engineers, contractors, developers and even tenants.

What is this Concrete and Steel Flooring System Made of?

Composite TotalJoist is a three-part flooring system consisting of:

  • A series of lightweight steel joists;
  • Composite (dovetail-shaped) steel decking; and
  • Concrete.

How Does a Steel and Concrete Flooring System Work?

The first step in installing the Composite TotalJoist steel flooring support system is to connect the steel joists to the walls (walls can be made of steel, concrete, ICF or wood). Bridging and cross bridging is attached to the bottom of the joists to secure their placement, followed by the installment of the steel decking. Upon inspection, a layer of concrete is poured to form a permanent bond with the dovetail-shaped steel decking, resulting in a solid floor.

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Why is the Construction Industry Choosing this Steel and Concrete Flooring System?

Steel & Concrete Have a High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Lightweight cold-formed steel materials are easily moveale, which allows something like a long joist to be moved using only a couple of crew members. The composite decking requires only 3” to 4” of concrete, resulting in a total flooring solution that is 50% less weight than precast. The ratio results in fewer materials and crew members – that means lower costs for you.

Steel & Concrete Create Significant Soundproofing

A floor built with dovetail-shaped steel and (up to) 4” of concrete deflects and absorbs sound, while additional insulation can be added to ceilings, further reducing sounds from above. This is an especially practical solution for mid-rise and hotel applications.

Steel & Concrete are Resistant to Fire

If you work in the construction industry, we hope that you are well aware that steel and concrete are fire resistant, and made with non-combustible materials. With a single layer of drywall, Composite TotalJoist has a two-hour UL/ULC rating to greatly improve safety when fire does take place, while also allowing firefighters more time to extinguish the blaze. 

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Steel & Concrete Flooring Extends a Building’s Longevity

Concrete and steel are both highly durable and require only minimal maintenance. Developers can expect far fewer issues regarding mold, pests and water damage, while reaping the rewards of their investment far into the future.

Steel is Fast to Install and Expedites Trades

Since steel materials arrive ready to install, the construction speed is quite fast compared to lumber. 

“Things go super smoothly because everything was precut and prefabricated,” said Tyler Bouwman, a former framer who now works as a Technical Sales Representative for iSPAN. “When you’re the one working on the site you see the capabilities in steel. This is going to be the next big thing. Wood can only go so far…there’s a short learning curve at the start, but we felt like we were experts by the end of the project.”

The all-steel joists in the flooring system also have precisely cut utility holes to allow for mechanical, electrical and plumbing to seamlessly integrate once concrete is poured on the floor above.


Together, these benefits create a more stress-free and cost-effective building construction environment, where days or even weeks of time are saved. In the not-too-distant future, this system will be the mid-rise construction standard. Until then, you will be on the leading edge of practical, affordable, innovative construction design. 

Learn more about iSPAN Systems and its Composite TotalJoist floor by speaking with Director of Sales Dwayne Schaus at dwaynes@ispansystems.com or on his direct line at 226-920-5320. Dwayne works with architects and developers to help them understand how iSPAN’s systems could work for their projects.


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