Light-Gauge Steel Framing Myths

Cold-formed steel – also called light-gauge steel – is practically perfect for most construction projects. If you’ve heard something bad, it could be fake! Read these seven common myths about this versatile steel construction solution, and learn the truths that benefit developers, architects, general contractors and tenants.


Moving Forward: Construction in a Post-COVID-19 World

To keep employees safe from the spread of disease and reduce non-essential operational costs, progressive businesses like Twitter, Shopify and Facebook have recently announced plans for its workforce to work remotely whenever possible. The construction industry too must adapt to increase crew safety in this new reality. Fortunately, there already exists a structural solution with health and safety built into its core.


TotalFraming Has Superiority that Lasts

General contractors just like you have been sold on iSPAN’s innovative TotalFraming system since the product’s inception. Often after using it only once, there’s no going back to laborious lumber or cumbersome concrete. The streamlined process, lightweight product and smaller crews make practically everything easier.


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