Installation Labourer

What we’re looking for:

  • Hardworking - lifting of up to 50lbs, kneeling, working with your hands, general labour work.
  • Good communication
  • Punctual. attentive to the instruction from experienced workers who will give direction.
  • Quality, driven, and eager to learn and advance.
  • Flexible schedule and ability to travel out of town.
  • Ability to switch between site and production work as needed.
  • Knowledge of job site safety rules and regulations is an asset.
  • Knowledge of methods, tools, and equipment used in carpentry and general framing is an asset.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Working under the direction of a qualified ISPAN site lead, on various install projects.
  • Work with all different types of hand tools. Impacts, grinders, saws. Training included.
  • Primary tasks include install and removal of braces and shoring, clean up of site, staging of materials.
  • Secondary tasks include helping with the install of wall panels, joists, bridging, and decking.
  • Help with general site coordination- tool maintenance, delivery offloads, material staging.
  • We work in almost all-weather conditions – sun, wind, rain.
  • Working long hours as needed.
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