Working with Us

iSPAN is more than just a supplier. We work with our customers to ensure they get maximum benefit from our systems and shorten the learning curve as much as possible.


Engineering & Design Assist

  • Work closely with your consultants
  • Support with Building Departments
  • Provide permit drawings
  • In-house drafting and engineering

Pre-Construction Services

  • Window and door opening coordination
  • MEP coordination
  • Material order
  • Erection planning

Project Management

  • Customized to suit your needs
  • Supply only
  • Project coordination
  • Site supervision

Our Process

The most ideal time to get us involved is when your idea is little more than a sketch on a single piece of paper, even before site plan approval has been obtained. We will work with you to help realize the full advantages of out Total Framing system's unique features to achieve an economical build, that does not sacrifice quality functionality, or aesthetics.


Present System Options & Benefits

We will tour you through projects that are both completed and in progress to give you a first hand look at what is possible. This also helps give you a better understanding of the construction process.


Design Phase

We will be part of your team during the design phase, assisting the architect, engineer and MEP firms with their work. We are happy to provide introductions to consultants that are familiar with our systems. We also use our knowledge of the construction process to provide budget prices for items outside of our scope so that you have a complete superstructure price.


Permit submission

As part of the permitting process, we can provide drawings which are submitted along with the consultants drawings. Through our in-house drafting and engineering teams, we can provide technical assistance answering building department questions.



Once a permit has been obtained, it is a race to the finish. iSPAN will work to take the drawings from permit stage to issued for manufacturing and erection. At this point it is critical to obtain final mechanical, door and window opening sizes and locations. Drawings are sent out for consultants to review. Reviewed drawings are sent back to iSPAN to begin production. Conflicts or missing information are resolved before production to mitigate costly on-site repairs.



Material is ordered to arrive shortly before production is anticipated to begin, mitigating inventory carrying costs. Joists, decking and wall panels are fabricated using CNC data and drawings generated using BIM models.


Project Management

We provide project management to suit our customer's needs ranging from supply only to erection with full-time site supervision. iSPAN will work with the customer to retain a qualified installer. Detailed erection schedules are drawn up in consultation with the erector. Takeoffs are generated using information from the BIM models, ensuring a high level of accuracy.



The TotalFraming components are delivered to site in order of erection. Good access is essential to meeting construction schedules. Wall panels are erected first, then the flooring system components are assembled in place, and the topping is poured. It is essential to ensure the first level of panels are at the correct height and location. As each floor is installed, follow up trades can immediately begin working below.


Call or email us if you have questions or would like to discuss a Canadian project.


For projects in the United States, reach out to one of our Authorized Dealers.